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Use the links below to browse websites and projects I am contributing to in various ways.

  1. External "Video for Everybody": a WordPress Plugin
  2. New Arrivals at HCH Libraryshow annotationhide annotation

    In the process of creating this web application I was able to accomplish many goals at once. For years HCH Library patrons had been wishing for better information about new arrivals. Unfortunately, our catalog does not make it easy for anyone, least of all patrons, to run complicated searches that are limited by acquisition date. As a staffer with increased privileges, however, I was able to design a custom report that generates an XML file. The question remained: How do you get the information out there?
    Here's what I do. I run the report and upload the file to our website. Unfortunately, this part has to be done manually, but it is very easy, and the payoff is huge. From the website I then run a PHP script that parses the XML and feeds it into a MySQL database. Then there are two pages that are built dynamically using name/value pairs in the url to customize searches of the database.
    First there is the HTML page, which includes a nice search interface and the ability to see different levels of detail. Patrons can customize their searches in a variety of ways, and because the url's are distinctive, they can also bookmark their searches for future reference. This last feature also means that our web authors can pre-build popular searches and put links to them right on the relevant pages.
    At the same time, each search creates a distinctive url to a dynamically generated RSS feed. I had been wanting to create a feed for some time, so this was a great opportunity, and I am very pleased with the results. My hope is that by providing a feed of immediate practical value, I will motivate some of our patrons to explore the advantages of RSS.
    Finally, of course, both pages link directly into our catalog so that patrons can get more information, including information on availability.
  3. New England Renaissance Conference 2008show annotationhide annotation

    For this conference website I developed a variation on a WordPress theme. The header image is customizable so that the multiple sites can use the same theme while still maintaining a distinctive look.
  4. Neighborhood Preschool
  5. Philosophy and Literatureshow annotationhide annotation

    Here's another one I built from scratch on a text editor. This is a site for an academic conference. The content is provided by Ethan Kleinberg. From a development perspective, the registration form was the most demanding. I also got to learn more about Photoshop and htaccess.
  6. Academic Commonsshow annotationhide annotation

    I am contributing to Academic Commons in a number of ways.
    I have written a review of a special edition of Reconstruction, an online, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of cultural studies. The issue is dedicated to blogging and includes a number of insights on blogging in academic contexts.
    I have also written a report on a NERCOMP SIG that explored ways to involve students in digital storytelling.
    Finally, I have made a number of smaller contributions by pointing out links of relevance to academic computing. You can see all of my contributions, including a few false positives :-) by searching Academic Commons for "Kevin Wiliarty."
  7. PPT to WWWshow annotationhide annotation

    Here is a collection of pages I put together as a way to test and demonstrate various technologies for publishing slide shows via the web.
  8. HCH Web Weavershow annotationhide annotation

    Here is a blog that I am keeping as a way to promote web technologies at the Henry Carter Hull Library in Clinton, CT.
  9. Web 2.Xposhow annotationhide annotation

    I helped organize this collaborative blog as a companion piece to Wesleyan's Web 2.0 Expo where we launched and demonstrated a number of new technologies for the campus at large. I was responsible in particular for the pages on social bookmarking.
  10. Content Management @ Wesleyanshow annotationhide annotation

    Here is a site I've been managing (via FrontPage) with Michael Roy at Wesleyan. A colleague gave us the template, including the CSS. I've tailored the navigation to our needs, including the addition of submenus that use JavaScript to be visible only when relevant. Look at the working groups pages to see what I mean. The main content for the site comes from a number of subcommittees. I process their input to keep the overall layout and format cohesive. We use to manage our related links.
  11. Ethnoprojectshow annotationhide annotation

    Details are essentially the same as above.
  12. Wesleyan Library RSS Pagesshow annotationhide annotation

    This is an index to a couple of pages I worked on with Mike Roy. In particular, I was the principle author of the pages on readers and feeds. I helped edit the general overview for the "Technology of the Month" blog entry, and I put the content on the Wesleyan Library site.
  13. Wesleyan Calendar on Googleshow annotationhide annotation

    Here is some documentation I wrote up on how to integrate the Google version of the Wesleyan Events Calendar into one's personal Google Calendar.
  14. Coming of Ageshow annotationhide annotation

    This is a multi-page pathfinder I created for the Henry Carter Hull public library (Clinton, CT) in connection with a collaborative project between the library and the local public high school. In the fall of 2005 I organized a presentation of recent coming-of-age books at the library. I presented these books to the students, who then used them (or others of their own chosing) as the basis for a variety of English assignments. One assignment involved writing a short review. The website here lists all the books and incorporates the student reviews where available. As such, the site provides a venue for student work that can serve as the basis for next year's assignment, and so on.

    This pathfinder was created using dynamic web authoring tools from They provide most of the site structure and template, designed to make a seamless transition between the library's native site and the externally hosted pathfinder. I have tweaked a number of settings to get closer to the look I wanted. The table of contents, in particular, is largely my own work. I wanted to organize the books according to interest, but also to make the titles in a given section readily available.

    Note: I have found that sites work best in Internet Explorer.
  15. Spanish Writersshow annotationhide annotation

    Here is yet another pathfinder created for Henry Carter Hull library using tools from Here again, the point of the pathfinder is to help students at the local high school find materials they need to complete a particular assignment.

    Note: I have found that sites work best in Internet Explorer.
  16. Bookmarksshow annotationhide annotation

    You can browse my social bookmarks at
  17. H2O Playlistshow annotationhide annotation

    I've created a simple playlist for illustrative purposes. This is the kind of list that might be useful for an introductory linguistics course.
  18. Water for Chocolateshow annotationhide annotation

    I developed the 'slides' for this presentation on Google's Page Creator and then tied them all together in a navigational shell that uses PHP and JavaScript to do some of the heavier lifting.