A mingling of thoughts and benevolent misrepresentations on tech, language, music and life.

Mother of Discontent

Translation and programming scratch a similar itch: I take pleasure in the act of giving form to ideas. On occasion I have been asked how much I change things when I translate. It’s not an easy question to answer. A lot and very little. It’s not word for word, or even sentence for sentence. In the end it’s not the language itself I am translating, but a narrative populated by characters with emotions, problems, and their own ways of seeing the world.

Loopback Workaround

Promenade across the floor, Sashay right on out the door, Out the door and into the glade, And everybody promenade. – Bugs Bunny, cited on IMDb I run a small server at home. I’ve got Plex on there alongside a wee Dokuwiki where I chronicle my impressions of various single-malts and high-end chewing gums. I wanted a domain name for that server, but my ISP does not offer static IP addresses.

Full Stack

“What kind of work do you do?” asks a fellow web developer, someone I’ve just met. The question caught me off guard. “Front end? Back end? Tight end? Book end?” He could see I was puzzled. “Deep end?” “Well, actually, I kind of do all the things. Some better than others, of course, but whatever needs to be done. I work a lot with Moodle and Drupal, sometimes with WordPress, usually on a LAMP stack.